Boost Your Energy

Lorette Steenman

Nutrition and Yoga Workshop

We don’t often think about it, but our bodies are constantly busy deciding where to send energy to in order for us to function and feel good. Energy is needed by the brain to think clearly and energy is necessary for our muscles to practice yoga. What about energy directed for the purpose of digestion, hormone secretion or detoxification?

This 3 part workshop explores how nutrition and yoga can positively influence the process of energy distribution in our body and mind. The first hour of each workshop explains which foods can give energy and which ones are taking it away. The second hour of each workshop is a yoga class focusing on a specific organ to support optimal energy levels.

Part I Digestive Health will explore nutrition and yoga for the digestive system.

Part II Hormones will explore nutrition and yoga for hormonal balance.

Part III Liver Health will explore nutrition and yoga for optimal detoxification.

Upon finishing the 3-part workshop you will have a burst of energy and are hungry for more!

  • Price: 27,50 euros. 75  euros for all 3*
  • The workshop will be held in Dutch
  • No prior experience with nutrition and yoga is required.

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Saturday March 25: 2-4pm – Digestive Health

Sunday April 22: 2 – 4 pm  – Hormonal Health

Sunday June 3: 2 – 4 pm – Liver Health

*You may book one part of the series independently. However it is recommended to book all three together in order to gain a more holistic view on how digestion, hormones and detoxification work hand in hand.