Vitamin P Inca Apricot Chocolates

inca berries

This amazingly easy to make treat is full of bioflavonoids, also referred to as Vitamin P. The letter P stands for permeability: it determines capillary health (very thin vessels) by regulating permeability. With the help of Vitamin P we can support capillaries and may prevent haemorrhage, ruptures, bruising, viral infections, histamine overload and reduce inflammation*.

In Inca berries and apricots we find an abundance of vitamin P and it is crucial for our absorption of Vitamin C which is present in 70% raw dark chocolate.The combination of the tart Inca berries with the sweet dried apricots and bitterness of the chocolate is a match made in heaven.


Vitamin P inca apricot

Vitamin P Inca Apricot Chocolates

10 dried brown apricots – cut in small pieces
2 tablespoons dried Inca berries
70% raw dark chocolate bar (100 grams or 1 bar).


In a small pan, boil a bit of water. Place the chocolate in a heat proof dish above the pan and let it melt. As soon as the chocolate starts to melt, take the chocolate dish away. Stir in the Inca berries and apricots. Scoop ½ tablespoon at a time in small cups or holders. Place in the fridge for 1 hour and enjoy!


  • Source: Staying Healthy with Nutrition. 2006: p. 145 – Elson M. Haas with Buck Levin.