quinoa bowl

With my grocery list in my hand I biked to the farmers market. As usual I bought way too much and it was almost impossible to all carry it back. Once home I was glad I ended up with fresh purselane. The dew droplets were still seen on the leaves and I almost forgot about the existence of this forgotten leafy green. Purselane tastes a bit sour but has a great crunchy texture when used raw in salads.

This easy to make breakfast, lunch or dinner bowl contains pesto, purselane, pepper, avocado, snowpeas, red cabbage, mushrooms, lentils and millet. Initially a bit of prep is required for making the millet and lentils plus some chopping work. Once ready though you can enjoy it quickly multiple times of the week.


500 gram cooked millet (base for several days)

250 gram cooked red lentils or BPA-free can (base for several days)

½ yellow pepper sliced

½ avocado chopped

5 snow peas chopped

some fried mushrooms

some fried red cabbage

1 tablespoon roasted pine nuts

1 teaspoon red pesto

handful of fresh parsley

Scoop 4 tablespoons of millet and 2 tablespoons of red lentils in a bowl. Circle the remaining raw veggies around it and top with pesto and parsley.